Devil May Cry 5 Free Download

Devil May Cry 5 is an action–adventure hack and slash video game. This is developed and published by Capcom and is the sixth game out of the Devil May Cry series.

The game takes place several years after Devil May Cry 4. This time Nero was able to set up his very own demon hunting agency. He doesn’t have an office for this, just a van that has a neon sign saying “Devil May Cry” that was given to him by Dante. Also, at this time Nero now has a new robotic hand which is called the “Devil Breaker”. This new arm of his was made by the newest engineer in the agency named NICO. The new arm was a replacement for Nero’s Devil Bringer Arm that had been taken off by a mysterious figure.

The gameplay is just like any previous Devil May Cry games that focus on a fast-paced “stylish action”. It will also feature the return of Dante and Nero fighting off hordes of demons with different attacks and weapons with a style rating. The style rating would depend on move variety, length of combos as well as dodging attacks.

This is one stylish adventure brought to you by Devil May Cry 5.

Devil May Cry 5: Free Download Game
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One
Genre(s): Action, Adventure